The Educated Guess is packed with perfectly pitched examples that challenge common education myths with reason and evidence. Warwick’s wise words remind us all that starting from what we know and championing the place of rigorous research is vital if we want to provide a great education for all children.

Sir Kevan Collins

Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation

The Educated Guess is a brilliant support to anyone who wants to navigate through our education system. Thought provoking and well researched, this book is a welcome addition to the library of thinking about how educating a child in England this century works.

Sir David Carter

Former National Schools Commissioner

This is an entertaining debunking of commonly held views. Warwick Sharp offers insight into truths about education that offer a refreshing alternative to the accepted narrative. We are compelled to challenge our intuition and think twice.

Dame Alison Peacock

Chief Executive of The Chartered College of Teaching

Everyone has an opinion about education: what it should be like, how it should be organised, what should be taught. In this highly readable book, Warwick Sharp shines a bright light into the dark recesses of cognitive bias in education: what happens when all those personal opinions gain momentum. Patiently taking apart a number of the commonest areas of bias, he illuminates the issues with the evidence, thereby proposing better approaches.

Ian Bauckham CBE

CEO of Tenax Schools Trust

This book challenges the current norms about information, advice and guidance in education and training. It helps people to think about what is right for them as individuals rather than being tempted to follow potentially ill-informed, outdated thinking.

Bev Robinson OBE

Principal and Chief Executive of Blackpool and The Fylde College

The issue of choice has become increasingly important in education. This very handy guide helps people make the right choices for them. It examines and exposes some of the myths and legends that surround educational decision making in a calm and measured way. It deserves a wide audience.

Sir Mike Griffiths

Headteacher of multiple schools and Past President of the Association of School and College Leaders

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