The Educated Guess

by Warwick Sharp

‘Decisions matter when it comes to education, because we are taking a direct role in creating the future – and some things as they happen now are not how they must always be.’

We live busy lives in a complex world, and we haven’t always got time to think slowly and logically through every decision we are faced with. Instead, we rely a lot on our intuition, in that subconsciously we make quick and automatic judgements based on our memories, insights and experiences. But our intuition is distorted by a whole range of thinking biases which are invisible to us.

Warwick Sharp is ideally placed to explore how this decision-making process applies to education. He has a decade of experience in education policy, has been a teacher and a governor, and has visited over 100 education institutions. In this book, Warwick draws on a huge range of research and evidence, bringing in advice and expertise from many sources.

The aim of The Educated Guess is to empower us all to spot the common biases in our thinking and, crucially, encourage us to reflect on both the short- and long-term effects of those biases. Through prominent examples, it provides insight on how to navigate the big and small choices we make in one of the most important areas of modern life: education.


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